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Tiếng Anh Trong Ngành Kinh Doanh Nhà Đất

Tiếng Anh Trong Ngành Kinh Doanh Nhà Đất



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Are you in the real estate business or planning to venture into it? Do you often find yourself lost in translation when dealing with international clients or partners? The solution to your language barrier problem is here. Introducing "Tiếng Anh Trong Ngành Kinh Doanh Nhà Đất" - a comprehensive guide to learning real estate English.

What topics can you expect to learn from this book? Firstly, the book covers the basics such as understanding residential flats and properties under construction. Moving forward, you will learn how to communicate effectively regarding office, industrial, and retail properties. The terminologies for negotiations, legal agreements, mortgage loans, and closings are also included.

Why is learning real estate English crucial? In today's globalized world, it has become imperative to be able to communicate in English confidently. With the booming real estate industry, this book will be your key to unlock opportunities to expand your business overseas. You will be able to effectively communicate with international clients and partners, open up new investment avenues, and secure your foothold in the international real estate market.

At an affordable price, "Tiếng Anh Trong Ngành Kinh Doanh Nhà Đất" is your investment in your business's growth. It is suitable for business owners, real estate agents, investors, and anyone who wants to improve their real estate English. The book uses straightforward language and comprehensive examples, making it easy to understand and apply in real-life situations.

In summary, if you want to take your real estate business to the next level, "Tiếng Anh Trong Ngành Kinh Doanh Nhà Đất" is the guide you need. Don't let language barriers hinder your business's growth. Get your copy today and start expanding your horizons in the international real estate market.