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Monkey Party Footprint Reading Library  Level 1 800 A2 - British English

Monkey Party Footprint Reading Library Level 1 800 A2 - British English



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Introducing our latest product, the Monkey Party Footprint Reading Library Level 1!

If you are interested in learning about various cultures and traditions, this book is a must-have for you. Inside this book, you will get a glimpse into the lives of the people of Lopburi, an ancient town in Thailand, where monkeys are considered important animals.

The people of Lopburi even throw a party for the monkeys every year! Yes, you read that right! This event is one of the most unique celebrations in the world and it's perfect for those who enjoy learning something new and exciting.

Our Monkey Party Footprint Reading Library Level 1 will give you a front-row seat to experience this incredible celebration without leaving the comfort of your home. The book is written in easy-to-understand English and is suitable for those with an A2 level of English proficiency or above.

Apart from learning about the monkey party, this book also provides a brief history of the town of Lopburi and the significance of the monkeys in their local culture. You will also discover interesting facts about these animals and their behavior in the wild.

We understand that making a purchase can be daunting, that’s why we offer a 100% refund guarantee in case you are not satisfied with our product. However, please note that since this is a clearance item, we do not support exchanges or returns based on outward appearance or personal preference.

Don't miss the chance to add this book to your collection and learn about the fascinating monkey party in Thailand. Order now and indulge yourself in this captivating and intriguing cultural experience!