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Dominoes 1 Pollyanna MultiROM pack

Dominoes 1 Pollyanna MultiROM pack



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Are you a fan of heartwarming stories that you will definitely fall in love with? Look no further than the "Dominoes 1 Pollyanna MultiROM pack"! Based on the beloved novel, this MultiROM pack offers a fun and interactive way to learn English while immersing yourself in the world of Pollyanna.

The story of Pollyanna depicts a young girl who sees the world with an optimistic view, and she always manages to spread joy and positivity wherever she goes. After her father dies, Pollyanna goes to live with her aunt, Miss Polly, who is not fond of children but gradually learns to care for her niece. Throughout the story, Pollyanna manages to make everyone around her happier, including Miss Polly, who eventually starts to see the world in a different light.

This MultiROM pack includes the full audio recording of the story, as well as interactive exercises, games, and activities that will help you practice and improve your English skills. You can use it on your computer or CD player, making it a convenient learning tool that you can use anywhere.

Not only will you enjoy the lovely story of Pollyanna and her positive attitude, but you will also improve your listening comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar. This MultiROM pack is suitable for beginner learners who are looking for an enjoyable and effective way to learn English.

In addition to the story, the "Dominoes 1 Pollyanna MultiROM pack" also includes extra features such as a glossary of difficult words and a video documentary about the author, Eleanor H. Porter. You will be able to dive deeper into the story and gain a better understanding of its origins and significance in literature.

In conclusion, if you want to immerse yourself in a heartwarming story while also improving your English skills, the "Dominoes 1 Pollyanna MultiROM pack" is the perfect choice. Order yours today and join Pollyanna on her journey to spread joy and positivity!

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