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Collins English For Work - Workplace English Kèm CD

Collins English For Work - Workplace English Kèm CD



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Are you struggling to communicate effectively in the workplace due to a language barrier? Do you want to boost your confidence in speaking and writing English at work? Look no further than Collins English For Work - Workplace English!

With this self-study pack, you can follow the story of Jasmine Goodman, a personal assistant who navigates the daily challenges of her role with ease thanks to her strong grasp of the English language. Through watching and listening to Jasmine in different business situations on the included DVD and audio CD, you'll be able to learn the language of business and apply it to your own work life.

Whether you're answering the phone, writing emails, managing schedules, or welcoming visitors to your company, Workplace English has got you covered. You'll learn the vocabulary and phrases that are relevant to your particular role, making it easier for you to communicate effectively and confidently with your colleagues, clients, and superiors.

What sets Workplace English apart is its focus on real-life scenarios that you might encounter in the workplace. You won't just learn dry grammar and vocabulary - you'll see how English is used in context, giving you a deeper understanding of the language and its practical applications.

Don't let a language barrier hold you back in your career. Invest in Collins English For Work - Workplace English today and take the first step towards greater confidence and success in your work life.

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